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Can i sell ammunition on here?

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40 minutes ago, rem870hunter1 said:

New member here so hello and Happy New year everyone!

Can i sell here or no?

I have several boxes,mainly partials of 12ga i'm looking to sell. Located in South Jersey,Gloucester County.

Yep. Post a list. Someone will buy it.  Lol. Maybe me.  Lol. 

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45 minutes ago, BowhunterNJ said:

Welcome to the site!  Sure, no problem listing and selling here!  On your end (for the transaction, which is unrelated to the site) you just need to follow all NJ laws while doing so.  I moved this to the Classifieds forum as well :up:


Thank you,yea Classified is where i should have gone with this. Thank you for moving it there.

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16 minutes ago, gregtpal said:

What are the laws?  Must be 18 probably & maybe more for handgun but what else or too complicated since this is nj?

The way I understand it, the buyer must be over 21 (i.e. seller should check their DL).  The buyer doesn't need an FID to buy shotgun/rifle ammo, but needs an FID to buy handgun ammo (i.e. seller should check their FID matches their DL).  If anyone else here has a different understanding, please chime in! :up:

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