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Looking for enclosed trailer information


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I’m starting up my own business and need a trailer for my tools. The pickup bed is designated for hunting and fishing gear! I’ve heard that trailers are much cheaper in other states. Does anyone here have experience buying trailers here in NJ or another state and what a good price would be or maybe you know someone looking to sell one? I’m clueless on this one and it’s not easy to search for info over the Internet on these.  

I’m looking for a 6x8 or 6x10 enclosed, preferably a V nose with double back doors and side door. 

Thanks again in advance! 

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I shopped around quite a bit on my last trailer , these guys had a huge inventory and the best prices I could find at the time.  

Little bit of a drive over in PA. 


I bought a Big Tex 20 ft 12,000lb  full tilt flatbed with dual axles and put a tool box 8000 lb winch on my self

I pull trailers with equipment quite often. Its def worth it to spend a few extra bucks and get it beefed up especially if you intend on using it daily. 

A lot of trailer spacing is 24 oc I ordered one with 16 oc and larger beams and 2 5/16 ball 

Also dual axle if you intend on lots of highway miles and hauling weight. 

The box I also had made higher to accomodate hauling scissor lifts as well a rear drop down ramp door that was reinforced and 4 hinges instead of 2. 

Bigger tires another option to look at as the load ratings change. 


Make sure the hinges on the doors are quality as you will be in and out of the thing often if you are working out of it. 

I did put custom rims on it and diamond plate on the v nose

I think for the 6x12 v nose customized I had 5600 into it. 

The box trailer I custom ordered was a Covered Wagon trailer through Burlington Truck Center on rt 130

The gross weight is what you need to pay attention too. 

A single axle on a box trailer will give you around 3500 lbs. 

Dual axle 7000 lbs. 

Subtract the weight of the trailer and that will be your max load. 

Dont forget the spare tire, Its usually optional too or you can usually get them at Tractor Supply. 

Its cheaper to beef it up and buy it once. 

Make sure your truck can handle the load or it will beat your truck up and be uncomfortable or dangerous to drive especially in heavy stop and go traffic. 

Id guess to say what you are looking for new could run $3000 to $5000 depending on the options it has

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FDR Hitches Westfield ave Roselle Park.......they've done right by me for 30 years..........ask for Dean ( owner) say Mike from MCR sent you......

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