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Live Winter Bowhunt/cull hunt


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Just got on stand that a couple of us share with Rusty. 

Have a steady and good (for now) north wind here. The stand has a huge platform that wraps almost all the way around the tree and is cool with a silent seat that swivels.

Looking for a good doe. Hoping to release a full metal jacket from the Z7 Extreme.

Fingers crossed..




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4 minutes ago, LPJR said:

No idea. Will ask Rusty later. Cell going away in @ 20....


It's Mike's, not Rusty's stand.  I like it as well and have never seen one like it.  But Rusty doesn't believe in stand safety, so no safety line and no haul rope or even bow hangar.  We can fix those things next year.   

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3 hours ago, BowhunterNJ said:

@Bucksnbows, what make/model stand is that?

I’m not sure. I’ll try to see if the owner knows or something is written on it. It’s not high, but the wide platform is great. The seat is very cheesy and I would figure out a replacement. But otherwise it had all sorts of room to move side to side. 

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