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New Year + Let The Good Times Roll!

Fred Flintstone

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   Time Flies! Way back in 1977 + 78,I  entered the Teenage Mr. America Contest down in Brooklyn,NY. 

    This new year starts my 40th year involved in the Martial Arts. And 45 years of Boxing. 

  I got a late start in Turkey Hunting at age 30 because there were no Turkeys in my area of Orange County when,I  was 14 in 1974.  I made up for it though as,I  am a Total Turkey Hunting Fanatic. 121 Public + Gun Club land Big ol Birds have fallen in 3 States.

     I continue to Hike at age 61. My new profile pic shows me up atop Skunnymonk Mt in Orange County,NY.  Park off of Taylor Rd. In Mountainville and Hike up the Sweetclover Trail to the Top. It will take about 1 hour at a relaxing pace. 

   Wrote 4 Books along the line and lost some money. Fun project though. I still have the handwritten  manuscripts. 

    TG for the Stimulus money as my old 2004 Jetta is broken down right now. Soon though,I  will be back in the game with some Pheasant Hunting + Hiking. 

   Hope everyone here enjoys Old + New pursuits in 2021. 

  Let The Good Times Roll!

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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I hunted scunnymunk in the early 80's with my dad. There was an old plane crash i remember my dad showing me it as a kid. I dabbled in martial arts for a very short time. I got drop kicked by a tom boy of a farm girl and that ended my career early at like 11 yo lol. But know is a great time i would think to write a book if your into it. Happy new year!

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