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You guys ever break anything while duck hunting?


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(The scene - couple years ago... Mazz and a friend are duck hunting in freezing weather along tidal water)

Friend: "Look at this mess - tide is bringing in a bunch of junk and debris. Oh, no, a huge piece of floating wood caught one of the decoys and it broke free and sweeping down stream."

Mazz: "Don't worry, the water isn't too deep. I'll walk out there and grab the decoy before it gets too far."

Friend: "You sure? I don't know if that'd be a safe thing to do."

Mazz: "Yeah, don't worry about it.... It's only about 50 yards away, and the water isn't deep. See? I'll be alri.... URGHHH!!!! .... blech!... gurgle gurgle gurgle" .oO(Waders... flooded... can't... make it.... screw... decoy.... gotta ... swim ...back.... now....)"

(yes, really happened. Didn't break anything, though... so I got that going for me)


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6 hours ago, BIG PAT said:

Well I did. Ouch


I broke that same toe but left foot the day before an annual grouse and woodcock four day trip to PA. I went anyway and each step used the F word as a noun, verb and adjective in every sentence. It took years before it stopped throbbing when a weather front moved in. I’ve broken 7 bones that I know including all three leg bones, but the toe pain lasted longer than all others. Hope yours heals fast. 

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