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Anyone bow hunting black river?


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I’m a relatively new hunter and black river seems quite intimidating looking at it from online. I’m not asking guys to give there spots away or anything, I’m just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for bow hunting inside of black river. Thanks 

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I don’t hunt it much so maybe this is dumb luck however, get in far as said.  I believe Powerlines are almost a 3/8 a mile in from Dover Chester side. 2 years ago i think I hiked in to them on 6 day and just sat down along a hill. Popped 2 does. My brother in law went this year same area had 2 bucks cruise through no shot. I’m not saying that area is great but it’s deeper than most want to walk. There’s a walking  path further in so keep that in mind as you set up and or shoot.  Like mentioned there are lots of stands but that doesn’t mean you won’t see deer. I used to bird hunt it a lot and it looks like there’s lots of deer trails through the fields on the Dover Chester side. So maybe prior to bird season you don’t have to go in as far as I’ve seen stands set right up along those fields. 

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