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September 2014 Doe in Estrus Scent Giveaway, Courtesy of Palawman30

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Entries will not be accepted in this thread, you must click the link below to enter!
Direct link to the FREE ENTRY Giveaway:  September 2014 Doe in Estrus Scent Giveaway, Courtesy of Palawman30
This Giveaway is FREE to enter as long as you have ONE valid post/submission in the forums!

This giveaway will be for One (1) 4oz Bottle of Fresh Doe in Estrus Scent, Courtesy of Palawman30!
There will be THREE (3) Winners selected!
The rut is coming, so it's a great time to get ready with some fresh doe in estrus scent!

Palawman is donating three (3) 4 oz bottles of the Doe in Estrous from his friend.
He will ship directly to whoever wins.

Item pictures:

Item description:
Palawman30's friend has a deer farm where he collects the estrous urine now from his older does.
He has over 60 does that are shed housed.
They get about 6 hours of daylight now.
The amount of daylight is manipulated so that they will come into estrous.
He only collects from his older doe.
The estrous cycle of a doe lasts only 3 days.
During that time a doe will produce approximately 75 ounces of Estrous/urine.
It comes in 4 oz plastic amber bottles.
Lids are wax sealed and vacuum packed for shipping.
He says to always keep it cold as that keeps it fresh.
The stuff you buy in stores could be months or even years old.
Fresh doe in estrous scent is not supposed to smell rancid.
He does not advertise.
4 oz plastic amber bottle wax sealed with flip top lids that are then vacuum sealed and shipped directly to you
Value is $20 per 4 ounce bottle plus shipping

Thanks again to Palawman30 for another great donation to the site!  :up:  :up:  :up:

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Generally speaking I do not enter contests as I don't win $h*t! 


... I guess that's still true!  :-)  But very happy to have won the Estrous!


Thank you very much to Palawman - very generous donation and for making the site a cool place to visit. 

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