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Will this killa a goose


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20 minutes ago, Russ 11 said:

Mike , go on Rogers website .  What do you normally shoot ? 

There is nothing normal for me with this, only 3 years trying goose. Have Mossberg pump and I’m using 3” and 3.5” shells. However I have a smith and Weston 1000, semi., but it is 2 3/4”. I like to find some load to work with this gun For goose., it’s a Mod. Choke 

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10 minutes ago, Kype said:

do you have the means of shooting 3 1/2"? if you do PM me your address and ill mail you a box or two. ill check my stash after dinner. i know i have it. 

Thanks, very nice of you. I do have 3” and 3.5”. Just looking for some 2 3/4” option

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