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I did something real stupid today

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I never hunted the mill 

I usually hunt way south. the fields are well divided by hedgerow and chunks of woods. It’s been a good year for us and never had any issues with people being aholes.

we pass birds in the trees but I don’t mind if a kid shoots them out. Hawks and owls are going to get what’s left anyway and the kid at least gets to be happy and show mama what he got.

if you got bird dogs and only hunt private preserves I would like to know what you do for a living? 

todays harvest and tomorrow’s future of hunting


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Should’ve been handled much differently. You have no idea what is going on with that family prior to today. Maybe he needed to get kid out and away from everything going on? This entire nonsense with Covid is having major effect on the youth  and last thing that kid needs is a stranger cursing and yelling at his two role models grandpa and dad. Is shooting a bird out of a tree ethical? Nope but he’ll learn as he gets older. Is shooting deer over a giant bait pile any different? 
Maybe you were on defensive to begin with and that was straw that broke the camels back. Don’t sweat the small stuff life is way to short and fragile.

Happy and healthy New Year!

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2 hours ago, Eyesofthewoods said:

I’ve done drive hinting with groups of 25 guys in PA for deer and bear my whole life.

I have never felt so unsafe as I did when I stepped on WMA land in NJ.  They literally let the goons out.  I got peppered with pellets 3 times over about 20 minutes.  There were guys hunting in no orange.  They shoot wherever they want without verifying targets.  I saw grown men running through the woods for a stocked pheasant.  


That is the day I said I’ll never step foot on public land for atleast 2-3 days after stocking.  

it’s sad really and I think it contributes to a lot of hunters just hanging it up in general.  I know if I don’t feel safe then I’m not going out.  

I question the entire idea of paying to have the stats place farm raised animals for people to hunt on public land. 
I can’t even imagine this being fun, especially with the crazy mayhem described above 

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Haven't shot a bird in a tree in 30+ years.  I'm 46. 

One of my sons first birds was a bird that flushed straight up and sat in a tree. The dog basically treed that bird. Dog barking. Me kicking the tree. Bird wasn't budging.  Lol. Pulled the dog. Let my son get it.  He was super excited.  He compared it to shooting a squirrel.... Just easier.   Lol. 

I say let a Hunter have it before a hawk get it's.  

WMAs can be crazy but we still have fun. After the first hour half the shooters are gone.  

Now....untrained, aggressive dogs. That's another story. Almost ran one over today.  Pretty sure that would have turned into a gun fight.  Lol. 

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4 minutes ago, Swamprat said:

See my post.  It happened to us!  We tried to get it moving. Nope. 

Exactly my point. In all my years of hunting on Public or Semi-wild,  I have encountered treed Pheasant and sometimes you have no choice but to shoot them out of the tree. At $18 a bird, why leave it to the Foxes. 

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45 minutes ago, Lunatic said:

I question the entire idea of paying to have the stats place farm raised animals for people to hunt on public land. 
I can’t even imagine this being fun, especially with the crazy mayhem described above 

I’ve done it in PA and it was fun and safe.  There was a lot less hunters though.  Which allowed it to be fun, safe and educational.  

here there’s just too many people in such a small area and everyone wants a slice of the pie.

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I don’t know must be Taylor ham eaters 

pork roll country were polite for the most part. It does get crowded but what I looked at on the fish and game site our wma’s are 1000 acres bigger then most of the ones up north. If a field is crowded or even occupied I’ll just wait until they push through I got good dogs we usually find our limit. Some days we don’t even touch the fields and hit the woods only if it seems a bit congested.

you get a lot from the state for $40 stamp 

I’ve harvested over 30 pheasant this year and double that of quail for the price of that stamp.

I do preserves too

20 pheasant at bent creek $500 

20 pheasant at game creek $630

it ain’t cheap and if you have serious bird dogs and aren’t a millionaire then appreciate the state stocking, I know I’m thankful for it. Without it I would have no need for pointers.

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You don’t see nothing wrong with shooting a bird out of a tree??? OmG. It’s bad anuff we’re hunting birds that were kick out of a truck. Maybe you would like them hanging from the tree in a cage

I once new a guy who shot a deer from 20 feet up in a tree while it was still and eating corn with a muzzleloader.

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