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I did something real stupid today

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Just now, vdep217 said:

Could look at it this way.  He told him to do so so he knew 100 percent it was a safe shot.  Shooting up at a definitive target rather than a moving target with all of those people around.  He controlled the situation for the kid to take a bird

Sorry there’s no way in hell anyone can convince me that it’s ok to shoot a bird out of a tree. Unless you were starving to death and needed that meal 

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I’ve done drive hinting with groups of 25 guys in PA for deer and bear my whole life.

I have never felt so unsafe as I did when I stepped on WMA land in NJ.  They literally let the goons out.  I got peppered with pellets 3 times over about 20 minutes.  There were guys hunting in no orange.  They shoot wherever they want without verifying targets.  I saw grown men running through the woods for a stocked pheasant.  


That is the day I said I’ll never step foot on public land for atleast 2-3 days after stocking.  

it’s sad really and I think it contributes to a lot of hunters just hanging it up in general.  I know if I don’t feel safe then I’m not going out.  

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When I was 10 Thats 60 years ago,I used to tag along with my Dad and Uncle on privite land. A few times when a bird landed in a tree they would let me shoot it.  They just wanted me to shoot the gun for the experence, I dreded the big old 12 gauges kick! The bird counted in their limit.

I was taught how to hunt and the right and wrong way, while hunting with these two men,Me shooting a bird out of a tree at 10,wasn't going to make me do it the rest of my life.

I think that you where having a very bad morning!


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Safety has no compromise.  Beyond that, if hunters are hunting legally, you can't get angry over their methods differing from your own.  If anything, you can work to share your own methods (as you did later in the hunt with the other group) or contact the state to change what's defined as a "legal" method if there is reason to believe it shouldn't be (beyond personal preference, personal ethics, etc).  Ultimately there is a balance between "killing" and "sport".

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2 hours ago, smittty said:

Sorry there’s no way in hell anyone can convince me that it’s ok to shoot a bird out of a tree. Unless you were starving to death and needed that meal 

Shooting a pheasant out of a tree is not the most ethical strategy to harvest a pheasant.....

but....youth hunters need to experience some level of success at these difficult activities we are trying to teach them

The father has plenty of years to teach the young hunter ethics of small game hunting as he matures, and becomes stronger and more effective and efficient with preferred  small game firearms and game loads on flying pheasants ....

the 10 year old got up early ...I’m sure way before all his friends did...who are probably playing video games as soon as they wake up anyway....& for him to shoot a pheasant out of a tree and the ethics lesson be taught at a later time is not all that bad....his early success at killing a pheasant and providing a meal for his family outweighs any opinions of it being unethical ....this early success may be the critical point that hooks him into developing a passion for small game hunting for many years to come

To curse in front of the child about your opinion of ethics was unreasonable and you may have turned him off into wanting to wake up early to go hunting w his dad

but also....that was awesome hooking up with that other father/son w your dog and getting that boy some shots!!

like stated above...sounds like maybe just an over stimulated negative morning....shrug it off

we were at Assunpink trying to stay away from the crowds n the boy got a hen n missed 4 shots at 2 cockbirds!  Lol  

BTW.... my now teenager been there and done that w the whole bird in a tree ordeal...& I would not want it any other way because that early success helped him to develop a passion for going out w his old man...and we have since had many discussions of ethics as well as safety during countless hours of laughs, fresh air, and quality father/son time



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Is it illegal to shoot a flushed pheasant that lands in a tree? Was the father telling the kid to do something unsafe? I could see quickly addressing the situation if either of those was true. But if not, who or what gives you the right to cuss out anybody, especially a little kid's family? My ethics teach me not to curse in front of little kids, particularly if nothing illegal or unsafe is going on. Treating other persons respectfully, especially when kids are around, is also an ethic we should care about.

If you had a problem with what was going on, you could have done it in better way - you could have even taught the kid (and his family) something about your hunting ethics if you acting in a more calm and rational manner ("You know, it really isn't sporting to shoot that bird. Why don't we see if I can get my dog to flush that bird out of the tree and you can shoot it.") But all you taught the kid was there are very unfriendly and angry hunters to be scared of.

Sounds like you should just hunt afternoons or on non-stocking days - your blood pressure will thank you.

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25 minutes ago, Mallard1100 said:

You went out at the wrong time. If you have a good dog go out at 10:30 or early afternoon. Place will be a ghost town. Either that or take the drive  up north. Took my daughter out in Clinton on Christmas Eve with my pops. 9:30. Wasn’t a soul to be seen......

Well I guess things have not changed much since I stopped hunting WMA's about 25 years ago. I went during the week or after 10 AM. Always birds to be found if you had a dog and no crowds. 

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1 minute ago, CJ3a said:

I was going  to say something about dog owners but I am going to just bite my tongue.   You went at the wrong time. 

I hear ya.  There are a few here @Swamp ratbeing one of them.  My dog is more of a house dog but does well finding birds shes just slow but the one thing I take pride in is that she listens better than mist people..  a simple hup is all it takes for her to change what she is doing..  we get out of truck in morning i tell her to sit and she dosnt move until we do to go in the field

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