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Hunter Harassment/Burglary/Tresspassing - Zone 26, Atlantic County, NJ

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Last week we had our 2 box blinds ripped down and sawed/broken up on our private 120 acre property in zone 26, Buena Vista Twp, NJ. They also stole 2 Ravin R26 crossbows.

I had one guy on camera a month prior driving what looks like a Nissan Xterra on the property around 11:30PM. They left beer cans and liquor bottles.

I also got a picture of the 2 Pieces of Trash driving the quad that ripped down and burglarized the property. It was reported to State Police as they patrol the Twp.

Putting the pictures up in case anyone recognizes them. If you recognize them, PM me info or I can give you email address of Trooper working the case.



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You are surrounded by not one but two anti-hunting refuge/sanctuaries. You wonder if it's someone associated with them. That ATV should be easy to identify. I would go to both of those places and just scan around looking for that car or ATV.

I actually started hunting a (new to me) z26 WMA spot very, very close to there earlier this year - so many people/pressure, I gave it up quickly. After this post, now I'm glad I did.

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