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Camera Batteries Finally Died


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12 AA Lithiums

I have it set up to send me 10 pictures at once, if within a 8 hour period there is less then 10 pictures it will then send.....

Now when I put it out around March 1st over a mineral lick I will have it set up to send at 20 pictures at a clip or more....therefore I will save alot of battery life

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37 minutes ago, BHC said:

Batteries in my trail camera finally died out....had it out since July 1st and 24,652 pictures taken.....I believe I have enough power for pictures to be taken but not enough to send to my phone.....My daughter and I will take a walk tomorrow to get 

Once the lithiums drop, they drop like a rock


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Looking at trailcampro:


Battery Life:    80/100

Picture & Video Resting Power (on):   0.96 mW

Picture Daytime/Nighttime Power Consumption:   40.94 Ws |  42.34 Ws

If this camera took 15-day pictures and 15-night pictures every 24 hours, it would last 4.2 months on a set of lithium batteries. This is very good for a cellular trail camera.

Based on 30 day months, that's around 3,400 pics (4.2*30*30).  How did you possibly get nearly 25,000 pics?  Holy cow. 

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4 minutes ago, BHC said:

I had it over mineral lick and then bait, I got pictures of deer and other wildlife and once in a while of me :happywave:

I'm not doubting getting 25,000 pics.  I'm just totally baffled by how that's achievable on a single set of 12 lithium AAs.  Trailcam pro site is on par with what I'm seeing with 12 full charge lithiums with the Reveal.  

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19 minutes ago, BHC said:

The key is not setting up cell cameras to send with every picture taken, it takes more energy to connect to the server and sending then it does with the camera just taking the picture...hence many cell camera makers say to send pictures in groups not single pictures

What settings do you have it on?  I might have to try one of these. 

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