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Self Climbing Stands

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Summits will serve you well. I’ve used the Vipers for around 20 years, very comfortable and solid stand. 
I would suggest determining what type of hunting you’ll  do, hiking a distance, close to your vehicle, etc. That may help  determine which Summit model will best suit your application. 

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I also recommend Summit. I have had my Viper for years. My recommendations for it are upgrade the seat to the wrap around seat its $100 but well worth it in my opinion. My only other recommendation is that I replace the tree cables every 2 years. This is not due to any kind of defects. I just do it for the additional safety/peace of mind. 

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53 minutes ago, FeniQuest217 said:

After nabbing some giftcards for Xmas - im making my list for 2021 offseason purchases.   One of which will probably be a self climbing stand - and i read/hear nothing but good things about Summit Treestands. I hear there's almost no other way to go in this direction , other than that. Thoughts?

Summit Viper.....add on the foot rest

& eventually modify it for a hammock foot rest like this....the comfort is remarkable!!!




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I'm a Summit Viper fan

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You couldn't give me a summit for free that I would use and this post may take some heat because we like what we like but I'm throwing out a different prospective!

They're clunky and noisy to take apart, put back together and climb with. Oh and they're known to slide down on smooth bark or frozen trees! Now, my API bowhunter is just about everything I want in a climber. I can quickly take it apart and put it back together without worrying about making any noise because theres no metal on metal when stored. The shrink wrapped chains silently slide in and out with tons of adjustment, summit has very little adjustment specially if you want to work off just one side and the nubs on the cable are clunky.

The part that touches on the tree on API while climbing is much smaller so its easier to climb up without scraping bark the whole way and the chains are rigid unlike summits braided cable so they aren't going to get snagged easily on bark and branches on the backside of the tree. Both of those features help it stay on the tree as well and keep them from sliding or falling, climbers work as a cantilever and if the flimsy cable is bent down on the backside of tree its not going to hold properly. I can setup the stand and climb 25 feet in less than 5 minutes making no more noise than a squirrel would. I would compare the lone wolf to API.

If I had to give the Summit some credit it would be in the comfort category, they are better in that aspect as even my API has a summit seat and stirrups haha

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