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Tactacam Reveal...Thanks Santa (Any tips?)


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From my testing. 

Eneloop pro lasted around 2500-2700 pics on instant send and zero delay

Energizer lithiums lasted around 2700-3500 pics on instant send and zero delay 

I'm now running 12v systems from Herd360 to power them on bait.  The 12v I'm estimating to last 10,000-15,000 pics, possibly more 

Batteries can vary a lot too.  Lithiums seem to waiver out of the package (authentic from target, etc) and with similar temps and signal (same cam) may take 2800 pics one cycle and 3500 the next.  Some may be due to flash usage. But I'll see the camera read them as 3 of 4 strength bars right out of the package.  

Stronger the battery strength, seemingly better the pic capturing. One reason I went to 12v to have full battery strength for a longer period. Possible firmware updates fixed these issues.  

Note there is a built in delay from sending pics via cell so from pic to pic there will be the connect and send time between them, usually 30 seconds to a minute depending on conditions/signal/etc.  Also note you'll get a lot of non deer pics (squirrels, birds, mice, etc) on the high sensitivity.  

Set the camera height between your knees and waist.  Many people set it too high and it can miss pics.  Seems like the cone is very horizontal but not very vertical. 

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I have been running two since Sept and they have worked fantastic. I never did the firmware update but will soon. As everyone said if on a bait site expect to burn through batteries. 
I have been looking for an external battery set up. Thanks for posting the one from Herd. 
I am also looking to get a security box since placing the cam high in the tree reduces the picture quality. 

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