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anyone have intel on when ammo will start being available?

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33 minutes ago, Nomad said:

Making more than ever, but nobody has any, nobody can buy any.  Doesn't make sense.


Hoarding.  Everyone I know buying ammo right now is doing it to hoard it and not to shoot it now.  Plus we have 1.3 million new gun owners, and they are all learning (ie - shooting) their new weapons and accumulating ammo for the first time ever.  It's the same thing with guns.  Gun stores are largely sold out and they sell every gun as soon as it arrives.  Demand is simply outstripping supply.  I've had a simple bolt action Kimber rifle on order since maybe July and no word on when it will get shipped from the factory yet.  

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6 minutes ago, Nomad said:

You know people buying ammo?  Everyone I know can't find any.

Yes, they order it online and wait for the backorder.  And all to be put away in the closet "just in case".  Or they follow posts like we see here with "Cabela's has XYZ ammo right now" and run out to buy those up.  But you can forget about stores getting any in in large quantities.  Everyone is doing the online thing where they will eventually ship you what you ordered.  

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