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King for a day - YOUR NJ, Wildlife Management plan

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Ok here is mine - and it is very DEER centric but I have to account for all seasons all licences so here it is ....   Been giving it a lot of thought over the years and here it goes -


  • No More "Permit seasons" but there are various tags ala carte (read on)
  • You buy a license per weapon that you have been certified as proficient and safe with, Archery, Shotgun, Muzzleloader - no discounts and do not bundle with fishing.  Just do away with "all around sportsman" to keep it simple and really make it about wildlife management 
  • Archery License - $30  gives you all deer, predator, and turkey hunting rights. 
  • Gun License -$30, gives you all deer, small game, predator and hunting rights
  • Rifle -$30,  covers muzzleloader, centerfire, and rimfire cartridges - deer, predator and varmint rights
  • Buck deer Tags - $50 each - maximum of 2 per entire length of all combined deer seasons.. Use them any season you want. Must be purchased before the season you intend to hunt unless of course you already used your maximum of 2 buck tags. 
  • Antlerless deer tags - (None) - quotas are set, per Deer Management zone, per hunter, per entire length of all combined seasons.  If a hunter can shoot 9 antlerless in z5 for example, that does not reset, with the next "season"
  • Public lands (WMAs, Federal, Watershed, and Parks) all are separated into SEPARATE deer  zones - not mixed with Private land. They can establish their own quotas
  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE - you no longer have to buy permits per zone, just like you do not have to for 6-day and regular fall archery.   BUT YOU MUST REPORT ZONE you killed your deer in.   This will blow the states mind, this was their biggest money grab.   Just set quotas per zone, and readjust next season as necessary.
  • Deer Season: 
    • Archery - 3rd Saturday in September to January 31.   
    • Muzzleloader - First Monday after Thanksgiving +3 days.   5 Discretionary days in December, plus 5 discretionary days in January
    • Shotgun - traditional "6-day" - 2nd Monday after Thanksgiving.  Antlerless are included - and counted toward the zone quotas.  (See above - a dead antlerless deer is a dead antlerless deer it does not matter when and how they are killed but they need to be counted). You can shoot antlerless during archery and muzzeloader, shotgun has to be the same.  It's about QOUTAS and SCIENCE - period.   Beyond 6-day - two additional, discretionary shotgun days to be added.   
  • That wraps up deer- season and it ends with archery, January 31st.        You got a ton of antlerless options and two flexible buck tags to use at your discretion. 
  • Small Game - all you needed was your SHOTGUN license as mentioned above. That gave you Deer Shotgun, and small game.  Pheasant stamps extra. 
  • Waterfowl - same, you buy your SHOTGUN license, and stamps are extra. 
  • Woodcock - same, just get your woodcock stam;
  • Turkey - each tag is $30, fall or spring, shotgun or archery - depending on what license you possess.  Your choice. Quotas are set per zone, per hunter, per season, weapon is irrelevant.  You choose the weapon - as long as you own the license, quotas are per hunter, not per weapon. 
  • FISHING and TRAPPING - again, completely apart from hunting and no more "all around sportsman". We need to manage and  not "bundle". Set a fair and reasonable fee for these licenses and leave it at that. 


I put a lot if thought into this.  I know some of you will shoot it down and think I am an a-hole.   But before you do - please articulate YOUR PLAN and please dear lord do not say "Love it the way it is" because the permits and seasons are ridiculous and have nothing to do with SCIENCE!

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Why continue to make it complicated?  Have a hunting license with a price and a fishing license with a price, and an all around for those that do both.  Hunting license is for all weapons and seasons. Seasons and appropriate limits on antlerless deer. One antlered deer tag every 2 years. 

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Any and all plans presented MUST be either revenue neutral or make the Division more than they make currently. They will NOT go for an overall license increase because that is a “tax” that must be approved by state legislature and not by Fish & Game Council. The problem there is you start pricing yourself out of the market with your tag proposal.  In order for the Division to make the same or more as they do now selling massive amounts of zone and buck permits at $28/, your proposal might jack up costs to a couple hundred per hunter. We are not Iowa and can never be as you know. 

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Wow you've put alot or thought. Here's a few things I would add. And  one would have to be king to enact as my way doesn't align with our current liberal laws.

Death penalty eligible for poaching or anyone found littering. Violators will be tied up in the center of town. 2 dollars per throw residents can hurl rocks at them all proceeds go to the division. 

No disrespect to the north but instead of putting 5000 trout in every lake up north and giving the peasants in the south 200 trout in a select few lakes....serious readjustments would be made to bring equality to my southern New Jersey citizens. 

Many government programs that currently allow freeloading are done. The budget for fish and game will triple. 


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Trapping License is separate and not a part of All Around Sportsman already. Always has been. It also costs more than a regular Resident Firearm Hunting License as it is now

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35 minutes ago, MGHunter66 said:

Interesting concept however you slashed countless days from the gun hunter. Never happen so long as that’s the case. Add a 10 day mid November Gun season and you may sway some but as it stands no way it would gain traction. Just my 2 cents 

He is the King he needs no traction:happywave:

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Anything would be better than what it is now.

Just turn back time to the 70's.  Only way to bring deer(buck and doe) back is to stop the doe slaughter. To get bigger bucks there needs to be bigger restrictions put on and sacrifices from us.

Any legal firearm, 7days(1st sat to sat in Dec), change it to any 1 buck.   1 doe or 1 buck with 4 to one side or better following Wednesday for all firearms, and last week in January for Muzzleloader only. 

Archery- 1 buck 1 doe.  Traditional archery- last 2 weeks in Sept, any buck.  Trad & compound- 1st 2 weeks in Oct, 4 pts to one side or better.   All archery- last 2 weeks in Oct, 4 pts to one side or better, and any buck 1st 3 weeks in January.  

Nov for small game only

$50 licence to hunt covers everything/$50 to fish

Overpopulated areas will be given special permits after inspection and permit is good only for that property

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