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Used quad questions

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I have owned Honda quads, I currently own a Suzuki king quad 300  and 3 Kawasaki quads,  (2  650 prairie models and 1 brute force 750) it all comes down to personal preference, same as if you like a Ford or a Chevy or a Dodge, they all have their plusses and minuses. Go with the 4x4. I can go through stuff in 4 wheel drive that I could not make in 2 wheel drive. 

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If your looking for performance, ride, suspension, and all around stability, NOTHING can touch a Sportsman. 450-570 is plenty. I’ve owned a 2007 700, 2016 1000, and my new one is a 2019 850 H.O. With power steering. It’s the cats ass but in my opinion still has way too much power for just hunting.

If your looking for gas and go for the next 20 years with no maintenance, buy a Honda. 

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depending on where your using the mid frames in the sizes under 500 are more stable on steep inclines.

where I used mine in Ohio and Ill would be tough to not roll a 500 or larger over.

had to walk the quad down the ravines, tie off the machine to turn it around. tie on the deer and walk it back out.

no way I would want anything less than 4 wheel drive.

4 wheel drive with after market tires will go places you wouldnt dream of taking the same quad with stock tires


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I have a 2003 Polaris Sportsman 500, a 2004 Trail boss 330 and a 2016 900 Ranger XP Hunter SxS. All purchased brand new. No maintenance other than oil, tires, and batteries. 

I bought a used Honda Rancher 300 from a member here. Excellent machine. Very manuverable in the woods. 

Definitely recommend 4x4. My daughter's Trailboss is limited in the muck.

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