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Work has begun on the Chevelle/Update- getting close


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Swapped out cars with a friend this week. His gorgeous restored '69 Z-28 resto mod is now in my garage, and my Chevelle is in his for the winter. Finally, have started this project that I have been wanting to do for quite some time now. 

Several years ago, my Dad had my Chevelle restored and painted and the bodywork has lasted a long time and was nice. However, it was time to grind the quarters down to the metal to see what we had and were working with, and tonight was the night. When my son was 10, he and I took out the car's interior and worked on it together. The seats were reupholstered and the interior was restored.... 

Tonight, the grinding began. Turns out, when we cut out what needs to be cut metal wise, we are going to go with new 3/4 quarter panels as to not affect the stock vinyl roof on both sides. Also looking to replace the rocker panels and clean up some spots that need to be addressed. My friend and I are doing the work ourselves and I now am looking forward to it after realizing that it is not a nightmare that I thought it was initially. 

Attached some pics below. Will post updates as they happen and cannot wait until the car is shot in stage 2 lacquer and clear coat when finished.  @nmc02recommended his paint guy to me a 2 years ago who shot and painted the new hood when it was installed. Going to have the car painted at the same shop and  keeping it black-which in itself is a challenge, as it shows everything. Hoping to have the car on the road again this coming summer.....





















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put full quater panels on and will last for ever if you have that much plastic and pin holes it will come out on top in a year or two outer wheel house also panel bonding 3m and a little weld done no patching and plastic  DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME RUST IS LIKE CANCER YOU CAN MEND IT BUT NOT STOP IT

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My buddy and are working on the Chevelle on our days off, when time allows. Over 25 hours in so far cutting and fabricating metal.....Using alot of POR which is expensive, but worth it...

We are taking the time to build up the quarters from the inside out. Hanging and welding the new fender is the easier part. This behind the scenes work is to ensure no rust will come through like @10deersaid.....

Cut out and replacing lots of inner rusted metal with brand new 18 gauge metal fabricated pieces. New outer wheel wells and all new inner components being massaged in and installed.  Happy so far, some upgraded pics below with the new fender held up before it goes on in the next few weeks...








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