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220" Whitetail - great video, Don Higgins

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3 minutes ago, bucky said:

Most big bucks and I mean big bucks in that area get big by living in the sanctuary of the houses, exactly where your buck was heading, so I'm sure his side benefits your side:up:

Sure it does, I said it does.
However; we have bucks/deer come from all directions including river bottom habitat on the south side and other agricultural properties around us, This is a big working farm, with corn, alfalfa, soybeans and winter rye.
The point I was trying to make was not about him not doing his part. Read it again carefully. It was about us doing our part. This year, with 14 hunters we killed 2 immature bucks and a total of 4 for the year . One or two small buck may still go down because we will have some casual and new hunter/members showing up for gun season and we still have some shooters around. . In the last 3 years I personally killed 3 bucks, two this year. You may think this is alot but that is a drop in the bucket when in comes to how many there are around and I assure you it has no impact. We also take down MANY does which helps immansly when it comes to seeing bucks during the rut. Last time I checked we had 20 for the season.  We are doing our part, he is doing his part and that'ss why we see what we see. If it was just the other side it would not work.

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Wow!!  Guy is living the dream!!

Awesome short film!!  Guy is passionate!!

tried looking up how big his farm is to be able to manage for 200 inch class deer...has to be a good sized farm

when I was looking him up I saw a post on a Bowhunter forum he had issues w Illinois DNR e how they were managed the deer herd

also saw n article that he shot a 20 pointer n it died on his neighbors property n the neighbor wanted to jam him up for retrieving it even tho it wasn’t posted

i like that vengeance Camo too!!

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