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220" Whitetail - great video, Don Higgins

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Awesome video, gentleman, and hunter.     Someone I can really completely and totally relate to.    He is a bit older than me, and shoots way bigger bucks, but it's all relative to where you live and hunt. The quote he made that hits home is how you feel after taking a buck you have history with - being bittersweet.  You can't check cameras and ever see him on it again.  That is what I can relate to the most.  Clearly he has the right genetics, land, age structure  and nutrition to grow and hold bucks in the 200" class.    What's even more amazing is that this buck - was already over 200" at age 3, and 160 class at age 2...  Doubt you will ever see that in NJ but it does happen elsewhere. 

For those of you that haven't seen this - watch.  It's long but worth it. 


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1 hour ago, JHbowhunter said:

I think you boys need a gentleman's agreement / handshake deal.    150" or better, or bucky walks...     Shoot does for meat... 

if I wanted I could not make that agreement.  Our lease has no restrictions, in fact we promised to take as many as we can, and there are too many members to get consensus. I’m also not into telling other hunters on what makes them happy. 
the fact is the are produced nice bucks not because 1 or two guys let them walk on one small property. It produced because it is great dear habitat with superb nutrition available all year long 

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