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12/3 check in


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1 hour ago, Michael Britt said:

Out in Zone 14 will sit til 10ish...one deer in distance behind me in field...I'm along upland edge of swamp...

Action EXPLODED around 8AM...17 deer barreled down into river bottom from field...bucks chasing...unfortunately a good number of them crossed river into state park 😬

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I'm on stand in Sterling Forest- Indian Hill... NYS 3J.  I originally planned to hunt the pipeline off 17A. Since I'm using my.243 that is better suited because I have 200+ yard shots there. Unfortunately there was a guy there in my shooting area and two more near by. So I came here. This area is better suited to using my flintlock because it has some thick brush in front of me and to my left. To my right is pretty open out to about 150 yards.

I bow hunted this area, actually the tree I was using is 60 yards from here. All season there has been a significant amount of rubs and droppings here, but I haven't seen any deer. It is near a pheasant stocked area so I think the increased human/dog activity has caused them to become nocturnal.

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Earlier this afternoon, I was pulling up my bow and saw three bucks (1 shooter) running across the field and through the woods. I have high hopes that the shooter comes back this way. Stay safe and good luck this pm.

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