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Quality headlamp recommendations?

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My gear for my annual trip to WV was sufficient....except not having a good headlamp....

what are you guys using nowadays?

I need some adequate lumens, good battery life, and maybe red/green lenses for stealth modes....made in USA would be nice....& don’t want to spend over $50-$100 bucks

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I just bought the 3 pack from Costco for $19. Very bright and suite my needs. Unless you want to spend a lot of money the cheap ones are pretty compatible. I bought my son a decent rechargeable one last season and it didn’t make it too far into this one. Not a fan of rechargeable cause they never die when your home. I’d rather carry extra batteries so when it dies while tracking I can just replace.

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For just walking into your treestand, an inexpensive light from HD or Lowes will do. 

If you are looking for a good light for tracking and such, these are great lights. I bought one about 5 years ago and am not sorry one bit.

ThruNite Headlamp and Handheld Flashlight Bundle / TH01 18350 Battery Headlamp & TN12 V4 Dual-Switch Flashlight - - Amazon.com


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I’ve had the same headlamp for the last 6 years and been working pretty good for me. Nightstick brand, it has three white light settings, one flood that is grea for getting ready or walking as it’s really bright and two different powered spotlights that are pretty bright for the size of this light that shine out over 50-60 yards. It also has red and green LED lights. The green is really bright and the red is more suited for close range stuff like preparing at base of tree or up in stand, red is not really good for finding your way through the woods without a well maintained trail. 


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I've been using a COAST with red and dimmable LED from Lowes or Home Depot ,, wont break the bank , uses 3 readily available AAA batteries no charging etc and you wont cry if you lost it either. My boys have the same ones and we all keep extra batts in our packs Never any issue. they also have more powerful units if your pocket warrants it






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