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NJ's Whitetails DNA

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10 hours ago, Bonefreak said:

Deer were brought in from Michigan and Pennsylvania when #s were very low. 

There was a small herd of NJ original deer in the pine lands....but the herd we have today has Michigan n Pennsy backgrounds 

I bet Monmouth got some Michigan deer history the way they grow some heavy bone!!

I recall a article years ago about Worthington State park ( parts of Delaware water gap)   . It was named after Mr. Worthington,  some tycoon millionaire back in the day, he own ALOT of that property in the northwest corner of our state and was a big deer hunter for him and his business partners, clients etc.  He imported deer from Michigan, west Virginia and let them lose on his property,  maybe this is why there are some big boys running around up there?

I personally took a big 6pt , dressed out 170 lbs up high in the gap.  There is a guy on this site or the other nj hunter site that has pictures of some slammer way up high off the Applicaian trail in walapack area.

I have a couple on my remote cameras that are truly huge up high up  in the gap/stokes area.  All they needed was some time to age

I tried to download article about Charles worthington,  file is to big.  Great read .  He imported deer from Virginia and Wisconsin.  Had a hunting lodge up by Mt tammery.   Try looking him up, its a great read

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With just one paragraph in his book he changed the way I look at  the forrest . He mentioned in the chapter on habitat and preferred deer food that the loss of the American Chestnut has had a profound impact on deer that can't be rectified. I read this in the late 70's and have been involved with the restoration ever since . The forrest that we hunt and spend so much time in don't resemble what they should look like .

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