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September 2014 Reproduction Rattling Antlers Giveaway, Courtesy of Creative Mold (Just Hunt)

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Entries will not be accepted in this thread, you must click the link below to enter!
Direct link to the FREE ENTRY Giveaway:  September 2014 Reproduction Rattling Antlers Giveaway, Courtesy of Creative Mold (Just Hunt)

Alright it's been awhile, but we're bringing you another NJ Woods & Water Giveaway!
This Giveaway is FREE to enter as long as you have ONE valid post/submission in the forums!

This giveaway will be for the winners choice of ONE (1) Set of Reproduction Rattling Antlers, Courtesy of Creative Mold (Just Hunt), perfect for the upcoming deer season!!!
NJ Woods & Water member Just Hunt will handle the order and shipping of the item directly to the winner as well! :up:

Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeMold

Creative Mold
713 S Harding hwy
Buena NJ, 08310

Sample picture:

A huge thanks from NJ Woods & Water to Just Hunt of Creative Mold for his generous donation! :up: :up: :up:

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They look really great. Hope I win them!  lol


I've heard people say you can't rattle around here, but I don't find that to be true at all. I've rattled in some great bucks and tons of young bucks and even does, every single year there's a period of time where it's pretty much the only thing I do. I'll rattle several times a day and call in multiple bucks. It's some of the most fun I have in the NJ woods.


 Couple years ago I went back to a rattle bag for carrying convenience, but when the time comes for going crazy I make the effort to bring out the big horns, because you just can't replicate the real battles on the bags. 

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Like anything, I think part of it is just being confident enough to "go for it". 


I've seen a handful of real bucks battling like crazy right here in NJ. One time I thought someone was banging a 2x4 against a tree, until I got closer and started to smell estrous in the air. Then I saw the two big buck shadows inside the thicket trying to kill each other. As I knelt down and knocked an arrow, a different nice 8 pointer came by me at just a few yards with his nose up a does hind end. Just one of those days when the RUT IS ON!


I remember another time coming up on a scene where the ground was torn up everywhere, there was deer hair and blood scattered about. At first I was a bit confused, I thought maybe someone had shot one there and had some struggles with it. lol.....but then it clicked. BUCK FIGHT! I was with a friend, and he suddenly whispered... "BUCK"....A big buck (think it was a wide 9), I'm assuming the winner of the fight must have heard us crunching up the hill through the dry leaves and thought we were another buck coming to fight. We couldn't get a bow shot on him, but he got to within 25 yards before he realized we weren't deer.



Two years ago, my brother and I slipped out for a last minute hunt during peak calling time. We quickly set up on a field edge, next to a blown down oak. Within minutes of beginning to rattle, we had all kinds of bucks running in to see who was fighting. Right when it was just about too dark to shoot, a big bull of a buck came charging out of a hedgerow and got to within about 30 yards. I was drawn on him, but with the lighting the shot didn't feel good, so I let down and passed up the chance. We still ended up calling in I think 6 different bucks in a 40min hunt. Which was awesome.



:heart:  rattling. :D

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I tried rattling for years and nothing. Then I got on video of my trail cam two bucks just sparring, no big fight, just a playful sort of gently banging heads. The next time out hunting as soon as it was legal shooting light I tickled the horns together, barely touching them and out walks an 8pt. Not a monster but respectable for me and he went down. It was late October when this happened. Last year after years of no results I got my first buck called in on a can call, two small bleats and in he walks. 

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