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This is Hunting...(borrowed from a friend)

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This is hunting.

It will break your heart.

You will go days without seeing an animal.

You will miss.

You will see garbage in the bush, and have to pick it up.

You will wound something one day, and it will make you cry and you will carry that guilt.

This is hunting.

It will teach you life lessons.

You will learn that one more minute can make all the difference.

You will learn that life doesn't care...the weather warms up, the wind changes direction, and all you can do is work with it.

You will learn patience, persistence, sacrifice and determination.

This is hunting.

It will inspire you.

You will see a mother and her baby, and your heart will swell.

You will be humbled by the moments you experience in the woods that most people will never experience.

You will see the beauty of dawn.

You will learn the feeling of being prey.

You will see things so beautiful, others seem dull in comparison.

You will speak to another species.

This is hunting.

It will make you vulnerable.


You might cry over the animals you shoot.

You might make mistakes and fret over the what ifs.

You will face your own worst enemy in the wild: yourself.

You will freeze

You will get wet

Your body will ache

You will have to walk through the dark, basically blind, deaf and dumb.

You will learn the bittersweet feeling of letting an animal live, or choosing to kill one.

You will learn the important balance of life and death.

This is hunting.

You will become... you.

You will learn passion.









This is hunting.

It is where you will learn your most valuable lessons.

It is where you will make your best memories.

It is where you will cry, laugh, and love.

It is where you learn to be still and be quiet.

It is what you will devote your life to, and never regret it.

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