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27 minutes ago, racksnquacks said:

1964 jfk halfs are 90% silver.

65-70 are 40%.  - circulated conditions -$2-3 ea

franklin halfs are 90% silver - circulated condition- $7+ ea

Mercury dime is 90%

Pre 1964 Roosevelt dimes are 90%

Susan B’s only hold value if they are wide rim


I’d buy the franklins and possibly jfks as well if you want to sell

Let me get back to you

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If you are in the area, take them to Central Jersey Rare Coins on rt 28 in bound brook. The owners name is Robert and he will sort through them and give you a very fair assessment. The bulk of your coins are definitely not rare and will bring a little below the spot value of silver , which changes daily. I just sold some silver on fri. And it brought $24.09 an ounce. Any pre 1964 dime, quarter, half dollar or dollar are mostly silver as others have stated. They are pretty literal:

a dime is a tenth of a Troy ounce

quarter-quarter Troy ounce


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