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Raising turkeys?

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I'm hoping to finally get started on our chicken coop this winter so that its ready for spring.  Last night we had a little pre-Thanksgiving dinner with some friends and on the menu was one of their farm raised turkeys.  Great flavor, lots of dark meat, etc...  I was thinking of getting a couple to go with the chickens-it would just be neat to have them around in addition to the good eating.  I was wondering, however, if I had a couple of hens hanging around the yard, would they attract toms to our property in the spring?  

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Curious to know this as well. Next year I will be raising several myself and I have turkeys coming across my property often. (I’m buried in the woods).  I would also add you should raise some meat birds (Cornish cross)  to eat along with your egg layers.  They taste awesome and you’ll get a nice bird in 6-8 weeks!   I keep my meaties separate from the layers though.  If you have any leads on turkeys I’d be interested to know where. Tractor supply has them but it’s hit or miss.  Most Hatcheries have a 10 minimum to ship. 

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I raised a few domestic turkeys, the dark feathered ones that look like the wild ones.  They grow to be quite a bit larger than their wild cousins, to the point you will wonder if they will actually fit in the oven.  Timing is important if you want to serve them on thanksgiving. 

You will be surprised how tame they are.  They will follow you around the yard making their turkey purrs.  They may become a nuisance. 

Yes domestic turkeys will attract wild turkeys but the encounters will be brief as the flocks attempt to lure your domestic birds away, a real possibility if you are free ranging them.


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