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Hi, I was recommended to this site by “JHbowhunter” whom I met at our local taxidermist. I’m in need of a cape for a buck i took last week. My butcher had a brain fart and cut off the hide at the base of the head. (To say I’m sick over this is an understatement)The deer was in the 160-170 lb range and likely 4-1/2 yrs old so I’d need a larger cape to do him justice. If anyone is in the Sussex area and takes a buck that you don’t plan on mounting please let me know. 
Thanks and good luck in the woods. 

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1 minute ago, Trophy8 said:

No...not enough space for antlers. 

I'm in PA now, taxidermist I'm using has capes...if you get into a pinch I'm sure he could help you.

Doe works just fine. I have seen at least 3 of them and you could not tell it was a doe. 

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I got this buck 2 weeks ago, I caped him out in case I needed an extra cape. He has a 23 inch D measurement on his neck. Not sure how big the one you got was but this is the biggest I have at this time if it will work for you. He was an older deer and had a pretty cape so I kept it. I'm in Burlington County not sure if you are willing to go that far.



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