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5 minutes ago, Canadian Bacon said:

Was out for the first time in about 2 weeks, had about 10 deer in front of me and the phone rings. Was my daughter calling me to come back for my wife needed help. She's disabled so no hesitation, tried to bump off the deer as little spooked as possible but all I saw was white flags!

F the deer, Family First!Jeez, I hope everything's going to be okay!

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3 hours ago, megavites said:

Grey, do you hunt the mtn low in the am for falling thermals and move up as you start to get thermal rise?

Some places I  hunt high in the morning and low at night because the deer go up as the thermals are rising and I'll catch them coming down at night when the thermals are also going down.  Thermals don't matter much here. Wind is blowing hard in my face as i watch the terrace below me. Too much mtn to go up and down without driving the truck around.  Have to cross a river coming up from the bottom

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