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11/15 Check In

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Good luck to you all out this morning.  Get one now because it looks like a severe line of storms coming for late this afternoon.  Not going to want to be in the woods when they hit.

After looking at pics, we think the buck my son shot yesterday wasn't the big one.  I'll be scouting the area again today.

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Had my last archery sit of the year this morning.  Wasn’t raven sure if I was gonna go but my brains alarm clock got me up at 5:10am so I figured why not.  Nothing this morning.  Happy to have gotten a buck during fall bow.  Pulling stand out today and storing away for the year.  Getting ready for bear season and rifle season in PA in the weeks to come then I’ll regroup here for muzzleloader.  I’ll be taking out a first time hunter so hopefully we can at-least get on some does. Good luck and be safe!!

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Heard a fight at 6:15. Spike came by around 7:30. 8:20 a doe came by to my right and walked behind me into thick stuff. 10 minutes later an 8pt came by on her trail. 15 minutes later another 6-8 point came by from the same direction. No shot at either buck. Frustrating, but at least I'm seeing deer.

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