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7 hours ago, chenrossi said:

About 80, thought he went down but he was plowing running on 3 legs instead down ridge...

Yeah. I think I honestly got a little greedy and tried really sucking in tight to shoulder and hit bone. Poor move on my part. 15 yards on ground should have been a chip shot. I hate it but it is a good, harden lesson it not being complacent with your equipment or your abilities. Should have double lunged and left it at that. Be posting a photo of a deer tonight. Tracked for 2.5 hours tonight, about 225 yards from shot in to a swamp. Smelt a deer in there but backed out to not stir stuff and got a pooch coming in am. 

Def caught lung, I’m sure he’s a dead deer. Didn’t push or bump him at all. Just not one go push it. Sure I’ll sleep well tonight lol

You're probably already heading out after a sleepless night.  Hope to see the pics soon.

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10 hours ago, Tarhunt said:

Shot my first deer of the season this afternoon. He came in limping really bad and he wasn't my target buck but, I decided to shoot him anyway. Made a 39 yard shot and he ran about 80 yards. I watched him fall over. He is the second deer that I have ever shot during permit bow. 




Nice buck John.  You did the right thing.  Did you figure out what the injury was from?

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