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Friday the 13th Check In

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2 hours ago, 230jhp said:

Instead of hunting I did some scouting for muzzloader season once it stopped raining.

I found a new place in the Newark Watershed that actually has some fields. I found multiple rubs. I jumped two deer, although it may have been the same deer twice.  Either way that's more deer than I have seen in the Watershed in a long time. There were several places from where I can get a clear 100 yd+ shot.

It being Friday the 13th something had to go wrong. There is an icon on my HuntStand map indicating a site of historical significance. When I looked it up it turns out there was once a group of houses there. In the 1980's there was a mass murder of all the residents of those houses. The buildings stood abandoned for many years then were razed in 2005. Pretty creepy.

Look up “Demon’s Alley”

used to go there as a kid and go into the houses !! Really weird the houses were boarded up and had shutters painted over the plywood. The interior of the houses were still furnished...

you can read up on the real story but we used to get pretty freaked out thinking it was a cult that did the whole neighborhood in

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Congrats to all those who scored yesterday! I’ve hunted almost everyday since Halloween, but I had to work yesterday afternoon. As I pulled down my driveway I looked into woods and a beautiful 8 pointer is standing in front of my blind with a doe. Just my luck this season.

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