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I worked there for 2 years when they build the first new addition on the hospital. Wasn't bad. Nothing like when I worked in Newburg hosp. Broken car window glass on the streets, drive by shooting, truck got keyed and backed into. Nurse asked me if the plastic I was hanging on the wall was bulletproof because they will come into the hosp to finish off somebody

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I had intended to go for an hour or so after my 3:45 haircut turned into 4:15. It was still sloppy wet so I just went for a ride to near one of my haunts. I saw one deer that I couldn't get the camera to focus on through the crap when I went to get a picture before he walked off. (rookie mistake) All I can say is that he took my breath away seeing him. He was behind a gaggle of briars with his giant rack and head in plain view.  I'm hoping he stays in that neighborhood for at least a little while..

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