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1 hour ago, Foldaces221 said:

Good luck all. Just came out no movement at all. Too warm I’m hoping. But my camera has been dry as well. Quick question, are deer responding to your scents and grunts this year? 

I've grunted in serveral small bucks last week.   I heard one buck grunting as he was walking briskly through some thick stuff 50yds out.  He ignored my attempts at grunting to him, but when I snort-wheezed, his whole demeanor changed.  He stopped grunting, turned on a dime and came straight to me like a kid that just got scolded.  The little 3point walked past my stand and criss-crossed his way up the hill after he didn't see any other deer. 

Only a few responded to scents that I could tell.  I usually deploy a  doe estrous scent drag the last 100yds to my stand.  One little buck crossed my trail, picked up the scent and followed it nose down back where I came from.

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