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Good luck. I am out in my z5 woods. Very quiet now. No wind. Would rather it be blowing 20 than this. Had a single deer just before light walking in downwind. Slow and heavy footed. Like it sensed me. It got within 20 yds and stopped. Figure it's the snorter buck expecting the snort. But nothing. Gone without a trace without a sound. There is an 8 pt that has busted twice this year and snorts loud and long. I do not wish to shoot him but I want to fool him once and get him on video. It amazes me how a deer can walk in that close on crunchy leaves - and vanish without a sound 

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48 minutes ago, Bassguy247 said:

Zone 6 . Question ladies and gentlemen. When grunting what’s the preferred method. Long grunts, short grunts, mix? And how much time between? 

What i learned about calling is , you give away your position when calling. so the buck may see you before you see him.  calling works best on mature bucks. most bucks don't care about a grunt call. also most bucks would rather be a lover than a fighter.. Best Bet , you see a buck from a distance and he is not coming your way grunt.. you have nothing to lose.

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