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That's so great, congratulations 👍 surprised the heck out of me to see this post haven't seen one in decades about elk hunting in Pennsylvania. Bet there's a lot of people on here didn't even know they had elk in Pennsylvania.. I may not get this right so bear with me without going Google going with memory. I believe there was only three or four counties that held elk. Clinton county.,Cameron co. Clearfield and Potter,Last I can recall the herd was 2,000 or less? 5 years to draw a non-resident tag wow that's about equivalent as drawing a non-resident moose tag in maine. Great story, great pics good friends you were truly blessed. Again congratulations 👍

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4 hours ago, Swamprat said:

Back in august got the call that I got pulled for one of the rare pennsylvania elk tags. Been putting in for it for 5 years.  

i was given a cow elk tag in zone 2. It's a good tag.  Booked an outfitter. Fast forward to yesterday. Arrived in camp.  Weather up here in north pa is interesting.  One minute it's sunny the next it's a blizzard.  

this morning we made the long hike in. A lot of hunters in the general area we were at. Zone 2 gave out 18 cow tags and 2 bull tags.  We knew of at least 3 other hunters within a half mile of us. No one was in deeper then us.  By 7am the herd moved out of a deep hollow into the field we were set up on.  Had some shot opportunities at 250-300 yards but I had only practiced out to 200.  We passed.  The herd went into next holler. One of the hunters over there shot.  Herd came back and a cow offered me a 180 yard shot.  Took the shot. Hit back a little. She stumbled and fought the fight. She went down but head was still up.  As we approached she stood up. 100 yards away. She was hurting. She faced us, I took the shot hitting her in the chest. She then turned broadside still standing. Hit it behind the shoulder and down she went.  My first shot destroyed her liver, fatal shot but not ideal.  Weather was brutal. Snowing. 20-25kt winds. We took a few pics and the work began.  Outfitter has a great group of guys who bust their ass for ya. They brought out a giant deer "elk" cart. Still quite physical pushing and pulling but it worked well. Off to benezette to check her in. She dressed at 359lb. Big.  Lol. 3 other cows were checked while I was there. They weighed 260, 295, 305.  A bull was checked in. He dressed at 519lb. They are massive.  My older son, Aidan, came with me.  We'll spend the next few days doing some sight seeing out here. Picking up meat from butcher on Friday then head home.  

thanks for reading....





CONGRATULATIONS !! That out to be enough meat to feed the family for a couple years.

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