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Last Day Fall Bow

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Last of fall bow today. What will you shoot today cause it is the last day for this tag? A doe,smaller buck or stay the same as your goals were before?. I'm sticking to only a good mature buck or nothing.  I shot a few does early season for management and freezer meat. Waiting on a nice buck. 

Has been a tough season for me for finding a nice one. Maybe now the rut is rolling i will get rewarded. 

 Good luck and stay safe 

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I’m getting out this afternoon and I’m not shooting anything I wouldn’t shoot tomorrow morning. 120 or more for me(if I can properly judge them I’ve been known to over estimate haha”, I almost don’t want to go out tonight as to maybe mess with my ability to go tomorrow morning but with this weather event passing it’s hard to pass it up. 

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I have the same mindset regardless of first or last day of Fall Bow. I never shoot does at this point in the season and would only shoot a buck if it was one of the ones I was after or a good buck. I would never shoot a buck just because it was eat a tag or bust, but that's just me. Slow season so far, as I am trying to get my wife on one of my target bucks. Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday,,,,wind is right

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