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Any climbing sticks for sale...?

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Well I went this morning to both dicks sporting goods Woodbridge n union.....

will try TARGETEERS when they open at 12

no climbing sticks at all

dont feel like removing my set up now making all that commotion 

would prefer sticks with the even steps instead of staggered 

anyone with a 20’ set willing to sell

anything extra laying around


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I have almost the same ones but they are sportsmans guide brand.  They are light enough n easy enough to move as needed just wouldn't count on them for a completley mobile set up..  4 sticks should get you about 20 ish.  I built aiders for mine out of ratchet strap and an old garden hose to give me a little more height

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6 minutes ago, Monster Marine said:

I have these other field n stream 2 pieces I can add to get to at least 20’ plus on the tree


The field and stream sticks are not meant to be connected to another stick.  You may run into a saftey issue of it not being stable as it looks like it won't insert any further.  Your grey stick is a middle section of a set and will not work stand alone or as a base as it will dig into ground.

 Just trying to keep you safe

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