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This is a very common topic I beleive..but I have never paid any attention to stand related threads because I have been using ladder stands only since I started hunting.

Does anyone run into any problems with wet or ice/snow covered trees?  I am concerned about this and also climbing in the dark which I have yet to do.


Any tips/ tricks appreciated

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Many years ago, I hunted my buddy’s fathers farm in an ice storm. I got about 20 feet up in my Summit climber in the dark and was just about to attach my safety strap when I took a very fast ride down the tree. My feet were still attached to the stand The whole event took about 1 second. I was hugging the tree for dear life. That was enough for me. Never use a climber when the tree is icy. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Now I even use a lifeline in my ladder stand.

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4 hours ago, Codaboy said:

I have found over the years, that api s chain grips hard wood better then summit s cable. Never slipped in my api, bit have slipped in a summit.

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API's have much sharper angled teeth that bite harder than Summits... I actually took a file to my old summit to get it to bite the bark better.

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I agree on not climbing on an iced tree.  It's probably OK, but why push it....wet has never been an issue...actually improves the bite.   Also:

1.  always use your tether and move it up as you go.

2. always tie top to bottom of stand so bottom can't fall

3.  have an escape plan if you find yourself  hanging from your tether.  you need some way to take your weight off the tether and then be able to move it down (and repeat) and work your way down.  

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