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Poison Ivy oils removal?

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The best thing is Octagon Soap. It's hard to find.  The original use for this soap was washing clothes in a wash tub with a scrubbing board. No one does that anymore. I have a worn down bar that I keep in case I get poison ivy, it must be 40 or 50 years old. 

Octagon soap can also plug a minor gas leak in a motor vehicle. Just rub it on the leak and the gasoline will solidify it plugging the leak temporarily.

Another use for it is if you mix shavings of it at the right ratio with gasoline it will become a make-shift batch of napalm.

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Ok so most of the guys on here gave you good advice for cleaning the oils from your body.  None of it helps with your linesman rope.  If you're dead set on cleaning the rope, I'd wash it with hot water and Dawn dish detergent several times.  And then afterwards, wash it again with one of the hunting laundry detergents.

Or... just get rid of the rope and buy a new one.  After all, a new one should cost more than $15 or so.  That's the route I'd go.


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When my son was about 12 he got a real bad case of poison ivy. My wife took him to the doctor who gave him a shot that made it go away like magic. In about 2 or 3 hours it went away.

When I was in highschool I had real bad case. The doctor gave me a prescription ointment that cleared it up pretty quick. I think it was called Kellogg's ointment or Kellens ointment or something. Then again that was almost 60 years ago They probably don't make that stuff anymore.

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13 hours ago, Swamp_Yankee said:



I deal with poison ivy constantly while reclaiming property-we have an old farm property that was allowed to grow over for many years.  As soon as I come in I scrub down with Tecnu then shower and I never have an issue-I react pretty badly to poison ivy too.  I wipe my saws down with it as well.  Just soak a rag with it and wipe down the rope.

Primary ingredient is mineral spirits 🤔

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4 minutes ago, newjerseyhunter said:

Primary ingredient is mineral spirits 🤔

It's got other stuff in it as well-its slightly gritty which probably helps with physically scrubbing the oils off as the solvent dissolves them.  It also is kind of greasy-probably some kind of moisturizer to keep the mineral spirits from drying out your skin too much.

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16 hours ago, megavites said:

so, pretty sure I now have poison ivy for the 3rd time this yr and got it from my linemans rope that I use for mobile climbing.

I'm thinking hot water and hunting detergent to try and remove the oils on the rope without smelling it up.


I would bet that water and Borax soap with bleach would do the job and leave no smell

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