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Poison Ivy oils removal?

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I deal with poison ivy constantly while reclaiming property-we have an old farm property that was allowed to grow over for many years.  As soon as I come in I scrub down with Tecnu then shower and I never have an issue-I react pretty badly to poison ivy too.  I wipe my saws down with it as well.  Just soak a rag with it and wipe down the rope.

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23 minutes ago, madeinuk said:

Zanfels is the magic stuff - my wife and daughter get it really badly.

I am allergic to a ton of stuff but PI never bothers me.

Zanfels is expensive but very, very worth it - it has succeeded in cases where Tecnu failed.

interesting. ill have to keep an eye out for that. i get poison ivy, oak, and sumac if i even look at it. 

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