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Hi Gang,

  I hate paperwork.. Every deer I shoot is a paperwork pain in the butt.  I needed an easier, cleaner way to tag a deer. I decided to make these up this year.  A NJ Deer Hunters Harvest Tag Kit! I have sold about 50 so far and everyone likes them..  $15 shipped.   Pay through venmo @Joe-Zjawiony or paypal (SEND TO FRIEND!) [email protected]  --  Include your mailing address!  Thanks...

Can also purchase from V. Roche and Sons Butcher in Whitehouse Station..


Click on the flyer attachment for description.

NJ Deer Harvest Log Kit Flyer.pdf




log pic.jpg

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18 minutes ago, Bucndoe said:

I find it uniquely hysterical that a Super Moderator from Newjerseyhunter.com is peddling stuff on here 

Capitalism at work :up:

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20 minutes ago, JJoe said:

Ask Matt how he likes his copy,,,jerk off.

The attitude and demeanor of an organization is reflected by it's leadership. No wonder your place is reminiscent of the attendance at a Biden event. 

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