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I arrived there at 09:00 Saturday morning and the lot was 95% full. A woman approached me and said her club had a permit and I couldn't run my dogs in the training area, because they were training dogs with live fire. No permit was available or visible. I explained to her that the state stocked birds for training purpose and her group set up right in the middle of the area. She had no response so I cut my dogs loose. 


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I saw a sign saying caution live fire. I did not notice any group name on the sign though.  Colliers as a whole has been a cluster this year. People everywhere. I saw more people first week of season than last 5yrs combined. 

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Another so called "Sportsman"that thinks she owns the WMA. That area was originally purchased with funds from all of the sales of Hunting and Fishing licenses over the years. I would have also stayed there!

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3 minutes ago, thefirstndsecond said:

So you know the state issues permits for use.

When people say they have a permit they could very well have a state permit. 


Why not work with them?

They are not in a training area now using live fire. They are on road that takes you back to lake success. Glad i did not plan on hunting that stand this afternoon.  

Personally not agsinst the trials but it should be organized and remain in an organized area within the proper training area. But they must be able to do as they please because i did see the CO ride by.

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I happened to speak to a warden and he effectively said no one can tell you can't use the area, however the group did have a permit (not sure what required a permit exactly) and areas are generally considered first come first serve.  If someone is already there, there are other areas you can go.  I don't know anything about bird dog training to know how feasible it is to just go somewhere else. 
In my mind I think of trout fishing and a group of 50 people coming to the spot you normally fish.   Not much you can do but they also can't tell you that you can't fish there. 

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Guys - 


Unless I am mistaken Colliers Mills encompasses about 11,000acres or so.  At least it used to.  Also there is(or used to be) a second water impoundment farther back on the property with associated fields.  The interior impoundment was bigger and the fields smaller than the ones up front, but there  was plenty of  room to run my dogs there, and I assure you, my dogs run waaaaay bigger than anything you have.

I strongly suspect the Nahra folks did have a permit, which they paid for, BTW.  If it was a hunt test, it is entirely likely that most of the folks there paid entry fees to compete and the club put out birds for the competitors.  I suspect that your actions did not contribute to the success of the event.

I used to see the same kind of behavior you exhibited from "sportsmen" when we ran horseback field trials at the Assunpink.   Folks came from four or five states away to compete and paid $50  to run their dog for a half hour.  Some of the trials had one hour heats where the competitors paid $100-300 per  dog to enter and compete.  Some of those folks came from as far away as Georgia, Alabama, Missouri and Tennessee hauling dogs and horses.     Trials cost thousands of dollars to put on and a couple of self centered jackasses could screw up the whole thing...and sometimes did.

Because of horse riders and other "sportsmen" who didn't care to share the open spaces, there are no field trials at the Assunpink any longer.  Just not worth the hassle.  

I just wanted to give you someone else's perspective on the use of WMA's by your fellow  sportsmen.

Thank you for your consideration.







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