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5 hours ago, JHbowhunter said:

I can't believe nobody shot anything yet today - what a nice morning to hunt, and so scenic with leaves at or just past peak colors

Well my son (26 yr old) got this fork horn this morning. He’s a non resident NJ hunter now, as he lives in PA as required in his position as a PA state Trooper, so he’s not able to get out with me much anymore, but he did his part to take out one of the very many yearling males on the property, and he’ll have some good eats. 


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So far for me, the mature bucks are moving right at dusk or after.  ive had 6 nice ones in range so far, but all but 1 right at dark.  Ive seen a couple out in good light but only scrub bucks have presented good shots in good light.  Still got plenty of meat so shootinging only if i see good size beam & points....unless a real big 6 pt tempts me....will have another tag very soon & its striper time...

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So I've been back on stand since 3:15pm and at 4pm I look up and see 2 does. They immediately turnaround and take off as if they're spooked or scented me; they didn't blow though. About a half hour later I hear some commotion and come to find that a flock of turkeys are coming through. Mind you, I've hunted this area for close to 10 yrs and have never seen turkeys. They hung around for awhile yelping, purring, and clucking from time to time. It was pretty awesome to experience. They just took off flying and it appears that they went and roosted nearby.

Now I just need some deer in the area to make my day complete.


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