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2 hours ago, DeersForPeers said:

11 boxes of Federal Campion 525 rounds 

3 boxes 0f Remington Golden Bullet 525 rounds

$120 per box 

Meetup in Roxbury, FID and DL required 

Federal 00.jpg

Federal 01.jpg

American money?

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9 hours ago, thefirstndsecond said:

Oh man I needed a good laugh...

If people haven't learned before to purchase ammo early, often, and in bulk they are late to the party.

Market determines price. 


Good luck with sale lol 🤑😂😂🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪

If people didn't act like the sky is falling and hoard ammo we wouldn't have this problem:down: There would be enough to go around if people would  buy only what is needed especially if it's hunting ammo, never had issues like this in my life time 

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Oh jeez really....

Only buy what is needed....lol


How about you saying if only people reloaded and bought reloading supplies then you would make as much ammo as you wanted.


Stop... just stop.. first I will buy as much ammo as I want and need is determined by me not by you.

You never know when the sky will fall. In NJ you guys should be fighting by now but no.


This election does mean a lot. If lived near one of those cities where they had 352 fires in one night (philly) you would buy more ammo.


Our country is in trouble and if you were not disciplined enough to buy ammo it is your fault.


Blaming others for you not being prepared is childish and irresponsible. 

Your wants and needs are not my problem. Take care of yourself first and stop trying to control others.

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