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2 Free bows - one kids, one vintage glass

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I have a Bear L'il Brave 2 12# youth bow, right hand, which my kids have outgrown (probably good for a 5-8 year old to get started with archery), and a vintage Indian No. 25 35# ambidextrous Glassflex bow which I acquired somehow, but I don't need.  I'm trying to thin out stuff that I am not actively using, so these are up for grabs for anyone who can use a kids' bow or collects vintage glass bows, etc.  I am located in the Newton, NJ area.

Here's the specs on the Bear:  https://www.bowhunterssupplystore.com/bear-lil-brave-2-bow-set-right-hand-ays5400rb2/

Here's an old catalog cut for the Indian:  http://nebula.wsimg.com/5968b0ead2114e0e196dc93d4c6c43e2?AccessKeyId=A203C91555201A4407B4&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

IMG_5590 (2).JPG


IMG_5592 (2).JPG


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