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I heard decent things about Signal 11

I use Buckfever Synthetic Scents, https://www.buckfever.com/product-category/deer-scents/

always got good to excellent results

If natural scents is more your style try https://www.teaserdeerscents.com/  I have their doe in heat and buck tasal scent in my freezer....got it from a friend of mine who use to be in the scent business and is friends with the owner of Teasers 

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I put signal 11 to the test last year. Tramp Stamp.  The “hot” stuff. Like any deer urine product - I promise you it is snake oil.  Best I can say about it was that I did not see it spook deer but first week of  November I strategically placed it where I knew bucks would walk by downwind of it. I documented 4 times 4 days when I had 1.5 and 2.5 and even a 3.5 year old buck that were all seeking come directly into the scent line mere feet downwind of it and they didn’t even stop or demonstrate any interest or change in behavior at all.  When I see promotional pics of hunters touting these products next to nice bucks I KNOW damn well they shot the buck in spite of said product and not because of it. 20 mounts on my wall  - not one was while using any deer lure. Some from a grunt tube. Some from a rattle.  One or two from doe bleat.  Several from eating acorns.  The rest were either following a doe  or just succumbed to me being in the right stand at the right time on a scrape or rub like or a good travel route. And I have given them all a try. I have seen some products lure in small bucks but same product spook mature bucks.  My advice - SAVE YOUR MONEY, or spend it on something in a bottle you can drink 

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