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Bear ripped my camera off the tree before getting 1 pic.  4 weeks shot. Can only hope the big buck is still around. A nice size track in the mud but that could be from any swamp donkey

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I'm finally out on my first hunt of the season and it's been a crazy start already. Walked to my stand having at least one deer nearby. Got on stand at 5:30am only to have my suspicion become a reality; there's one close so I couldn't get setup. After 30 minutes or so, it's finally gone. Just as I'm starting to put my extra layers on top, I hear another deer walking in. I look and see that it's a 4pt buck. He hangs around for awhile and finally left after an hour or so. Just got my video camera hung up on and I'm finally settled in. Looking for a doe to fill the freezer and my EAB requirement. It's in the low 40s and way colder than any early season hunt I can ever remember.

Good luck to everyone out and be safe.


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