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Bear was 538lb dressed..

Customer requested "smiling and waving"


Talked him out of it but then his wife talked him back into it...so...here it is...


Customer is always right..ask and you shall receive..


Here is the original form i altered to an open mouth and waving pose.

Size was also adjusted to fit..61127b14d4d3686fc9896b10088e6448.jpgbf86f6f74a48715e1c9c5433d2bb31cf.jpg95df56d1e0a5585cc500d27cd4d69440.jpg535d4390fe6280bcdca4caeac3fddb78.jpgbc2b8e179a4b11b98ee90b00c14a3e56.jpg6e05fe3ebfc02e4566a56c77f2711fbe.jpg72fcdc1ad711a3131b029d6e05e1fbf1.jpg


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