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Maine Bear Hunt Success

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Came up to Maine to do some bear hunting with stony brook lodge. Was supposed to go to their NB camp back in the spring but obviously that didn't happen, so they were very accommodating in making arrangements for everyone to still enjoy a hunt. All of the things I've heard about Bob and Jaye Parker are true. The nicest, most hospitable people who truly care about what they do. They run a great operation and I'll definitely be back. So yesterday was day 1, we got up, ate breakfast, hung out a little around the lodge, then had some lunch, showered and headed out. I was in my stand at around 315pm. At 4 I had a sow with 2 cubs come in and hang around for a little while. It was cool to watch them. Eventually, something spooked them off. I thought for sure a big boar was coming in, and he very well may have, but I never saw him. Then right around 645 I had a nice bear come in. I can never get over the fact that an animal as large as a black bear can walk up on you and you never hear them. The bear appeared outta nowhere. After 15 minutes or so, the bear finally presented me with a picture perfect broadside shot at 40 yards. The bear ran right to the deadfall i was sitting in and crashed not 10 feet from my boots. It was an adrenaline rush to say the least. Not that the bear ever saw me, just that the deadfall I was in happened to be right on the trail the bear decided to run up. Got her back to the lodge and gutted and hung up. This morning we skinned her out and butchered all the meat. A memorable hunt for sure. Here are a couple pictures of the bear, the entry wound, and the heart. 




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